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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Let’s meet at one of the world’s biggest Gifts & Premium fairs!

Rayawadi Ltd. is an official ingredient branding partner of Swarovski International Distr. AG. With its wide range of product assortment in jewelry, accessories and gifts embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals® Rayawadi Ltd. became one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe.

Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair 2016 - Rayawadi - Berns Jewelry

Our mission is to satisfy our valued customers with:

- original Swarovski® crystals

- premium materials

- high quality stainless steel

- genuine leather

- super white porcelain

- innovative design

- handcrafted, unique products

- made in Europe

- 100% antiallergic materials

Discover the turnkey international business model that can help you easily build a profitable business anywhere in the world!

Visit us at the fair!

Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair

Hall of Fine Designs – exhibition building, stand 1E-F07 Berns - Rayawadi

27-30 April 2016

You can initiate visitor registration at the following link:!berns-international-distribution/a63g3

Have a nice day, let’s meet in person!

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